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What Type Of Taste Profile Do You Like?

What Type Of Taste Profile Do You Like?

In the pursuit of pleasure, we craft our own experiences. That’s why we want you to enjoy freedom to choose,while always being in control,embrassing new on your terms.

Our tobacco comes in a wide variant of perceftly balanced beldns and flavours, allowing you to experiment and customized the taste experience to suits your mood.

Tobacco Neo™ variants aim to give you the closest traditional tobacco experience with the high quality blends.

Tobacco Neo™ variant

Fruit flavoured capsule Neo™ variants are designed for you to explore different taste flavours from apple to berry to pineapple with a one capsule crush.

Fruit flavoured capsule Neo™
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To help you to understand better what type experience you can expect, for each Neo™ product we have a short description.

We also use a system of 4 indicator on a scale of 1 to 5 to descibe the taste experience.

Example: Neo™ Violet Click

Intensity: 3
Taste Amount
Tobacco Taste Amount: 3
Flavour Taste Amount: 2

Refers to strength of the product driven by the overall amount of taste. Higher intensity products are expected to give more taste satisfaction.

2Tobacco Taste Amount

Refers to the taste character that is driven from the tobacco blends. High tobacco taste amount products are designed to enable an intense rich tobacco taste.

3Flavour Taste Amount

Refers to the flavour character and amount. Higher flavour taste products are expected to carry a lot of flavour with a clear noticeability.