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Why Choose glo™?

Latest Advanced Tobacco Induction Heating Technology
Enjoy tobacco with 90-95% less toxicants than cigarettes*
Zero burn. Zero ash. 100% tobacco satisfaction**
Stylish Design
Easy-to-use with one button
3 back-to-back session

Why Choose glo™
  • The device uses induction heating technology which gives you a balanced and satisfying experience with no fire, no ash & less odour.

  • The metal heating chamber inside the device wraps the Neo™ sticks and heats them up to 260 °C while traditional smoke burns up to 900 °C.

  • The glo™ device is used only with glo™ sticks. There are 6 types of Neo™ sticks with 3 regular tobacco taste with different intensities and 3 capsule flavor alternatives.
Satisfactory Taste Without Limits Satisfactory Taste Without Limits
glo™ Zero Burn. Zero Ash. glo™ Zero Burn. Zero Ash.