glo™ HYPER+ is British American Tobacco's most advanced tobacco heating device to date. This device brought a brand new dimension to the tobacco heating products category.
Thanks to its advanced heating technology, it offers a satisfying and a balanced way of experience from it's start to finish.
glo™ HYPER+ offers the opportunity to choose different experiences for different preferences with it's 2 usage options: Standard and Boost modes.
Designed with the consumer in mind – the new glo™ has an innovative ergonomic design with soft-touch finishing, rounded edges and light weight, so that consumers of glo™ HYPER+ can enjoy.
Allows up to 20 sessions * with one full charge.
It provides the opportunity to use 3 times in a row without a break.
* Information is provided for the fully charged device and the number may vary depending on usage habits.

The device has a tube into which a tobacco rod (neo stick) is inserted. On activation, a battery powered heating chamber (the tube) heats the tobacco up to 260°C and stick gets ready for the session.

This technology delivers a tobacco heating experience with better taste satisfaction and rapid heating for quicker taste release.

Our gloTM Family is always developing and striving for the best; That is why we introduce a brand new gloTM HYPER+, The latest tobacco induction heating technology in a sleeker shape and a range of trendy colors; blue, black, white and gold. While HYPER+ is stylish & trendy, it also comes with enhanced BOOST function – if compared to HYPER - which is heating the tobacco up to 270 degree, which provides more intense experience to you while using BOOST mode.
  • Simply press and hold the round circular button in the middle of the device, the device will then vibrate after 3 seconds, and the consumer should continue holding the button and release at the second vibration at 5 seconds in order to activate the Boost setting.
  • The first vibration at 3 seconds activates the standard setting.
  • Once either the standard or the boost setting is activated, the consumer cannot change the setting until the usage session is completed.

The device is fully charged for up to 3.5 hours and offers up to 20 sessions* all day on one full charge.  (* Information is provided for fully charged device and the number may change depending on usage habits.)

You can have 3 consecutive sessions with glo™ HYPER+. A fully charged glo™ HYPER+ allows users to use up to one pack of Neo™ stick consumables (20 sessions*). (*Based on fully charged device and may vary depending upon usage behavior)

glo™ is a potentially reduced risk alternative to a traditional cigarette to continue to consume tobacco and nicotine

  • glo™ HYPER+ is made with all our usual checks and balances on product safety.
  • It has a number of safety features which are designed to operate as follows:
    1. Battery temperature sensors which automatically shuts down the device if it gets too hot.
    2. Sensors which measure the temperature of the metal tube, which also shut the device down if it gets too hot.
    3. Software mechanism to measure the energy running through the device, which also shuts the device down if the energy flow is not normal.

The surface temperature of the glo™ HYPER+ device varies between 37-47 ° C. This change depends on how the product is used. For example, glo™ within 47 ° C maximum temperature for HYPER+ product accessible if the user uses it without waiting for three consecutive times. The reason for this situation is that the product is used repeatedly without waiting for the natural cooling period and the internal temperature affects the battery and the surface. The temperature values ​​reached by the device are within the limits specified by the industry safety guidelines and are similar to other hand-held devices such as mobile phones.
If you feel uncomfortably hot when the device is switched on, please do not use it any further and contact with customer service for necessary advice.

  • glo™ HYPER+ heats tobacco without combustion, so there is no cigarette smoke but tobacco aerosol.
  • Cigarettes burn tobacco at approximately 900°C. It is widely accepted that most of the harm associated with tobacco is caused by inhaling the smoke produced by the combustion of tobacco. Products that contain nicotine with no burning of tobacco, like glo™, have advantange since it heats tobacco so that likely to emit not that much levels of toxicants.
  • Cigarettes produces ash driven by burning while glo™ has no ash coming from its heating technology.

The tobacco taste of Neo™ sticks is a new way to enjoy the taste of tobacco. The taste is that of aromatic tobacco notes generated from heating tobacco rather than burning. If you have not used heated tobacco products before, the taste may be unfamiliar and different to your usual cigarettes. However, it is the taste that you will get used to in time.

Neo™ sticks contain specially processed tobacco (reconstituted), real tobacco, glycerol and flavours in the form of a wrapped stick/rod with a filter.

The Neo™ sticks used with glo™ HYPER+ are designed for providing a different experience. The nicotine intake level is same as cigarettes, depending on how user smokes.

No, when used as directed and intended, Neo™ sticks neither ignite nor burn. Additionally, Neo™ sticks are single use and should not be reused with the glo™ tobacco heater.

Upon removal of the Neo™ stick at the end of the session, the Neo™ stick may have a dark brown/black mark on it that may resemble a "burn mark". This dark coloured mark is not a sign of device overheating. At any time that this discolouration pattern appears on your Neo™ stick, please consider cleaning the device as per the provided cleaning instructions.

Ashes come out after process of burning, this device does not burn but heats the tobacco to convert it into tobacco aerosol.

Check the manual, are all 4 lights of your glo™ device on?
-If yes, glo™ tobacco heater's battery may be low.
To check battery status, press the button on the front side of glo™ tobacco heater.
-If it's needed, recharge. Please check the manual.
If problem continues, contract our customer service for suggestions.

Was glo™ tobacco heater subjected to water?
-If yes, you must not use it.
Please contact customer service to receive necessary suggestions.
-If it's just a splash of water on the surface, dry the device and wait until it's completely dry before using it.
The device has water proof certificate.

Check the manual, are all 4 lights of your glo™ device on?
-If yes, the temperature of glo™ tobacco heater may be lower than the battery's minimum temperature. Move to a warmer environment and/or wait until glo™ tobacco heater to get heated.
If problem continues, contact our customer service for suggestios.

glo™ HYPER+ is designed in England and mounted in China by its Swedish producer.