Our Exciting Collaborations with A-List Celebrities in Egypt

glo™ landed in Egypt at the beginning of the year to find the people incredibly welcoming, and we made friends immediately.

The collaborations we’ve done with a number of our closest friends have left so many memories that we hold dear. 

Action-Packed Shooting and Fruitful Conversations

Filming with the humble megastar, Karim Fahmy has created moments that we will remember for a long time to come.

He looked absolutely smoking in a tux and striking in leather, all while effortlessly sporting our ever-so-vibrant glo™ devices.

We sat down for disruptive chats with Mohamed Mekawy, Amany Kamal, and Omar Sharky about careers, preferences, & more.

The fruitful conversations made room for further collaborations to take place as we strengthened our bond with the brightest stars of the country. 

Fun Times with Our Closest Friends

Rounds of laughter ensued during our collaboration with comedian Marwan Younis, and even more excitement erupted during another collaboration with young actors Khaled Anwar and Ayah Samaha. 

The trendy set with the latter featured fields of roses and a treadmill (that you have to see to believe), allowing for avant-garde content creation. 

Our collaborations also took virtual forms! For example, we collaborated with Cairo 360 on a challenge that featured Yara El Gendy, Linda Deraz, Tia Bassem, and Amany Kamal, who gracefully showed us what they carry inside their handbags. They all had one thing in common: glo™! 

This culminated with our star-studded event, Heatwave, which took place on the banks of the Nile with a list of Cairo’s who’s who glitterati. 

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Here’s to more successful collaborations in the future!