GLO™ vs Traditional Smoke

This question is often asked: What are the similarities and the differences between glo™ vs traditional smoke? In fact there are multiple smoking alternatives as well before we come to the difference between too. In the following article, we will try to make this subject more clear for you. 

What Are The Alternatives Of Smoking? 

For alternatives to cigarettes there are traditionally known replacements like hookah, pipes, hand rolled tobacco, traditional smoke which is called as cigarettes also and there are technology involved smoking replacements such as tobacco heating products, electronic cigarettes and vapours. To begin with, the basic difference between any tobacco heating product and traditional smoking or cigarettes is the way of burning the tobacco. In traditional cigarette smoking habit, the tobacco is lit with lighter and fire. However tobacco heating products are heating the tobacco rather than burning it. Since burning is a process that can change the chemical structure of anything, method of heating is a possible harm reduction. Enhancement of such technology on smoking brings multiple options on replacement of smoking habits. Another replacement of smoking alternatives are nicotine gums and patches. 

Before switching to any other alternative of smoking, important factors that are generally asked are can electronic cigarettes or tobacco heating products can replace traditional smoking in means of experience, taste and if electronic cigarettes are less harmful. Well, giving direct answer is not quite easy because you should make a research on the technology of every tobacco heating product before you invest. Some tobacco heating products might taste well however the technology behind might not be trustworthy. Another point you should consider is that any tobacco product contains harmful ingredients that can threaten your health, but ingredient comparison can be made between alternatives of smoking. 

Is Tobacco Heating Product is Less Harmful? 

To begin with, glo is a tobacco heating product. It works with a device and specially designed stick which only works with the device. The main point of tobacco heating products is that, they produce an aerosol that has nicotine in it, and therefore they can be regarded as smoking alternative. Heat is the key of smoking in these types of alternative and there is not burnt like conventional cigarettes, so the combustion of harmful reductions that occur by burning are reduced. Glo tobacco heater is a device that works with a battery to heat tobacco sticks, sticks are names as neo. The device heats the tobacco to about 270 degrees. Thus, there is no combustion or burnt like chemical change with tobacco heaters like glo™. The result is an aerosol or moist air that contains nicotine but not smoke. Smoke and aerosol might not seem different in physical to the eye but they are different as component.  It is possible to say that heating instead of burning tobacco results in approximately 90-95% fewer toxicants* compared to a conventional cigarette. 

We brought together the most important features of the glo™ device for you. After reading it, you can make your own inference and answer this question for yourself. 

First, glo™ is a product with tobacco induction heating technology which is potentially risk reduced. 

Secondly, when using the glo™ device, there is no fire and no ash because the device heats the tobacco without burning it. This also means that unlike cigarettes, glo™ cannot be a source of open flame and cannot pose a danger to others. 

Third, steam is released in the glo™ device, as in smoking, not smoke. This means less odor will penetrate your clothes and hair **. For most of the people smell of smoking is not considered well. 

Last but not least, glo™ gives you a satisfying and intense smoking experience with different stick alternatives of tobacco taste and also flavor. 

It should be noted that none of the above items mean that the glo™ product is less harmful than tobacco products. However, you can see that using the innovative glo™ tobacco heating technology has advantages over traditional smoking. Both products contain nicotine. 

Of course, the choice between cigarette and glo™ is entirely up to you. We hope this article helps you to make a choice in the face of the question " glo™ or cigarette?" 

* Tobacco heating products including glo™ are not risk free and are addictive. This is a comparison between the smoke from burnt tobacco of a standard 3R4F reference cigarette (about 9mg tar) and the vapor from heated tobacco of glo™ - related to the 9 types of harmful components that the World Health Organization recommends reducing in cigarette smoke.  

** Tobacco heated without burning was compared to a cigarette. This does not mean that the glo™ device is any less harmful than other tobacco products.