You may have heard of the Boost mode in glo™ HYPER+... So what is this Boost mode? How to use? Does it change the taste?  Boost mode speeds up the process of glo™ and so it provides a more intense experience. If you are ready to make your experience more enjoyable read more!

Why HYPER+ Boost Mode ?

The rhythm of daily life reminds us that we need to be faster. If the devices you use are equipped with the latest technology, you expect to speed from it, right? When you don't want to waste time, you can choose the Boost mode of your glo™ device.

What is the difference between Standard and Boost modes ?

Glo™ brought the latest device glo™ HYPER+, equipped with the latest tobacco induction technology, to consumers all over the world. Its operation is provided by a magnetic field inside the device and therefore heating occurs very quickly. Advanced glo™ heating technology provides a satisfying and a balanced experience. We would like to point out that the magnetic field is safe for the user and does not affect metal objects near the device. The device has been tested in many independent laboratories.

The device can be used in two modes: Standard Mode and Boost Mode. So what's the difference between the two modes?

Boost mode speeds up the process so glo™ is ready to use in just 15 seconds vs 20 seconds in Standard Mode.

Boost mode provides a more intense experience. 

The usage time in Boost mode takes 3 minutes vs 4 minutes in standard mode.

How to use Boost Mode of glo™ HYPER+ ?

Here is the detailed usage instruction for you to choose the accelerated mode:

Press and hold the button of the device for 5 seconds. In this process, the glo™ device will start to vibrate slightly after the first 3 seconds. After 5 seconds, there is a second vibration.

When you feel the second vibration, release the button. The lights on the device will turn to indicate that you have selected the boost mode. 

The ready-to-use time of the device is 15 seconds. During this process, all lights on the device turn on permanently. The device vibrates and this means you can now use the device in Boost mode. 

Let us remind you again that you need to hold the button of the device for 3 seconds to activate the standard mode. Release the button after the device vibrates slightly. Wait until all the lights are on, this will take 20 seconds. The device vibrates again to indicate that it is ready for use.

You can choose between Standard and Boost modes depending on your preference. Remember, with glo™ HYPER+ you will have more time to explore more.