7 tips when heating tobacco

Your new tobacco heater is already waiting to convince you of the glo™ tobacco pleasure. But before you start to use a tobacco heater, here are some tips to help you use the device.

  • Using glo™ with other tobacco sticks
  • Mix up the heating levels
  • Trying to pause glo™ while heating tobacco
  • Hold tobacco heater for an e-cigarette
  • Clean glo™ incorrectly or too seldom
  • Not to check the charging status
  • Start too many sessions in a row

Tip 1: Using glo™ with other tobacco sticks

Our first tip revolves around tobacco sticks: You should only heat with neo™ sticks. Conventional tobacco cigarettes cannot be used. Not even if they are of the same format. Speaking of format: If you buy neo™ sticks in another country, they do not necessarily have to be suitable for your glo™ tobacco heater. Because the formats of the neo™ sticks differ depending on the end market.

Tip 2: Confusing the heating levels Your new tobacco heater has 2 heating levels: Standard and Boost Mode. Are you wondering what the differences are? The standard mode is activated when you press the glo™ button for 3 seconds. On the other hand, if you press it for 5 seconds until you feel a second vibration, the Boost Mode is activated. Although the session is shorter in this mode, glo™ offers you an even faster, and more intense consumption experience.

Tip 3: Trying to pause glo™ while heating tobacco

You should know that a session cannot be paused. You can only cancel the application. By pressing the glo™ button for 3 seconds during the session, the heater will switch off. Before you continue heating tobacco, you should replace the neo™ stick with a new one.

Tip 4: Mistaking a tobacco heater for an e-cigarette

Many beginners use “tobacco heater” and “e-cigarette” as synonyms. We are happy to explain all the differences between tobacco heaters and e-cigarettes.

Tip 5: Clean glo™ incorrectly or too seldom

Tobacco heating devices are not waterproof or water-resistant. Therefore, you should regularly remove the moisture from the bottom of the device and the cleaning flap with a cleaning cloth. Ideally, you do this after every 5th session. The heating chamber also needs to be cleaned after 20 sessions. Use the enclosed cleaning brush for this. In the beginning, you need to be very sensitive: In order not to damage the heating chamber, you should only apply light pressure. Make sure you dont clean glo™ right after the session. Your glo™ should be completely cooled down after heating the tobacco. After about 5 minutes you can clean the tobacco heater. Even if you remove residue by tapping or shaking, your glo™ tobacco heater could be damaged.

Tip 6: Not to check the charging status

Switching to glo™ is often the alternative to the conventional cigarette. For it to be an alternative, the technical requirements must be met. This means that you should always have your heater sufficiently charged. For this, you can remember: glo™ is normally fully charged in up to 3,5 hours. A short click on the glo™ button displays the charge level. When all points on the LED display go out, your tobacco heater is fully charged. Want to make sure your Glo device is always charged? Then create space in your bag for a portable battery and the corresponding glo™ charging accessories. So you can use your tobacco heater at any time on the go.

Tip 7: Starting too many sessions in a row

We also advice against starting too many sessions in a row. If you don't give glo™ a break, the heat could build up and your tobacco heater could even overheat. Instead, we recommend that you use glo™ a maximum of 3 times in a row. Ideally, you should pause for about 5 minutes after each session. This is how long the tobacco heater needs to cool down completely.

A final tip for a smooth smoking experience

It doesn't matter at all if you are unsure about using glo™ for the first time. Because a new tobacco heater brings many questions with it. With the right prior knowledge, beginner mistakes can be avoided. If one or the other beginner mistake creeps in, we will be happy to help you. You can already find many answers in our FAQs. You can call us free of charge on 19221.