5 steps to a clean glo™

‘’How to clean my tobacco heater?’’ question is one of the main topics in this category. So that your glo™ tobacco heater always performs at its best and works perfectly, it is important that you clean and maintain it regularly. Here is how:

Before starting

Before you start the cleaning of your tobacco heater (glo™), your device should be completely cooled. So let it cool down for at least five minutes before you start cleaning. And then you can start.

How often you should clean your glo™ naturally depends on how often you use your tobacco heater. We generally recommend: used five times, cleaned once. So remove the accumulated moisture in your glo™ tobacco heater after five sessions. After 20 sessions, you should clean the entire heating channel - but please only with the cleaning brush included in the product box.

Step # 1: Open the slide lock and cleaning flap

To clean the glo™, open both the slide lock on the upper side and the cleaning flap on the underside of your glo tobacco heater. Simply slide the fasteners to the side.

Step # 2: Remove moisture on the cleaning door

After five sessions, you should remove the moisture that has formed on the bottom of the device and the cleaning flap with a clean cloth. This is very easy after opening the cleaning flap. 

Step # 3: Clean the heating channel with the cleaning brush

You should clean the heating channel from two sides: through the opened cleaning flap and the opened slide lock. Only use the brush included in the product for this. Insert it from both sides with a slight twist to get everything clean. After cleaning, you should close the slide lock and the cleaning flap again.

Step # 4: Rinse the cleaning brush off

The cleaning brush can be easily rinsed under running water. The brush must be completely dry before each new cleaning. After step four, your glo™ tobacco heater is ready to be used again.

Step # 5: Clean the case

Of course, you can also clean and maintain the case. To protect the tobacco heater from scratches, you can store it in practical cases when it is not in use. This also helps against dust accumulation in the heating duct or the USB output.

Important information on glo™ cleaning

  • Removing residue by tapping or shaking can damage the tobacco heater.
  • The heating channel should only be cleaned with the brush included with the product.
  • Please dispose of your neo™ sticks in the household rubbish and do not throw them on the street.